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Compatible Cisco GLC-SX-MM

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Cicso GLC-SX-MM are a small form factor pluggable, otherwise known as an SFP. Like other SFPs the Cisco GLC-SX-MM is hot swappable, facilitating compatibility with an extensive and diverse range of industry standard cages and connections. The Cisco GLC-SX-MM has become exceedingly popular, this can be attributed to its ability to provide increased levels in performance, both in terms of speed and reliability.

Our Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM transceivers provide the same high levels of performance as their branded counterparts, but are available for a fraction of the price. To demonstrate, the RRP for Cisco branded GLC-SX-MM transceivers is £326.00, whilst we sell our compatible GL-SX-MM transceivers for just £28.00. Due to this price discrepancy performance and reliability suspicions can arise. We wish to assure you that with our Cisco compatible that this is not the case, as demonstrated by the lifetime warranty which we include on all Cisco GLC-SX-MM transceivers.

Our Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM are a 1000BASE XP SFP, and are designed for use with only multimode fibre. When utilised in this application, the SFP transceiver can perform wavelength transmissions up to 850nm. The maximum effective transceiver distance provided by our Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM transceiver is up to 550m.

Benefits Of Cisco GLC-SX-MM:

  • Robust design, both in terms of interior and exterior, to provide increased levels of reliability.
  • Facilitates flexibility of media and interface choice, this is on a port by port basis, allowing for companies and businesses to “pay as you populate”.
  • Hot swappable provided maximum periods of uptime and simplifying serviceability.
  • Supports DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) capability.

We are proud of the quality of our Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM transceivers. This is testified by our Compatibility Guarantee, which promises that all of our stock is sourced from the same reputable sources as their branded counterparts. This means that we use the same international laboratories and ISO 9001 / 14001 manufacturing facilities as used by the mainstream vendors. Using this method of product manufacture enables us to guarantee the quality of our Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM transceivers.

For further information about the compatibility of our products with Cisco manufactured switches, cables and other network components, please visit our Compatibility Facts Page. This can be viewed by clicking here.

Any queries you may have regarding the performance or application of our Cisco compatible GLC SX-MM SFP transceivers, can be directed to a member of our dedicated customer service team by calling: +44(0)1925 530 115. Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.

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