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Compatible Cisco X2-10GB-SR

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Included within our range of Cisco compatible SFP transceivers is the X2-10GB-SR transceiver, which is compatible for use with a diverse range of industry standard, Cisco banded cabling and cages. These Cisco Compatible transceivers are X2 type transceivers, a standardised form factor for 10GB/s transponders. X2 transceivers, like our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR, are typically utilised in Datacom and telecom connections, most commonly in conjunction with 10GB Ethernet connections.

All of our range of small form factor 10GB X2 transceivers, including the Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR, are compliant with the current X2 Multi Source Agreement legislation and specifications. Furthermore, our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers can be utilised over a single wavelength and are compatible with a range of technologies. These technologies include, BIDI, CWDM and DWDM.

When correctly implemented, our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers are able to provide a data rate transfer of 10 Gb/s over a distance of up to 400 metres. Please note, our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers utilise Mutlimode Fibre (MMF) cabling types, a 850nm transmitter wavelength and a Dual SC Connector type.

Compatible SFP transceivers, such as our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceiver, are non-branded alternatives which can be utilised in conjunction with branded hardware and network components. Over the last few years, our compatible transceivers have seen an increase in popularity. This increase in popularity can be attributed to the fact that our compatible SFP transceivers, such as the Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceiver, are available for a fraction of the price of their branded counterparts. To demonstrate our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR provides savings of up to 90% off the recommended price of their branded counterparts. Equating to savings of over £1000!

However this price difference can sometimes be viewed with scepticism. We wish to assure you that our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers provide the same high levels of performance and reliability as their branded counterparts. There are two ways in which we ensure this, the first is by providing a lifetime warranty, covering against both manufacturer defects and component failure, on all of our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers. The second is by using the same international laboratories and ISO 9001 / 14001 manufacturing facilities as are used by the globally leading manufacturers. For further details, click here.

For further information about the compatibility of our Cisco compatible X2-10GB-SR transceivers, or for specification details, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: +44(0)1925 530 115. Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.

To purchase this product please CLICK HERE.