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  • Everything about the X2

    A X2 transceiver format is a 10 gigabit per second modular fibre optic interface intended for use in routers, switches and optical transport platforms. It is an early generation 10 gigabit interface related to the similar XENPAK format. The X2 transceiver Read More

  • Familiarise yourself with the QSFP

    A QSFP+ also known as a quad small form-factor pluggable plus is a hot pluggable transceiver, also used for data communications applications and evolved as the standard to support 10Gb/s data rates per SFF-8436. Nowadays, QSFP+ has gradually replaced QSFP and Read More

  • Can You Compare Compatible to Branded?

    We all know about the razor blades business model: take something that’s essential to make other components work and give it a significant mark-up in price and it will still sell as everybody with the matching equipment needs it.

    This business Read More

  • Why do businesses need compatible SFP's?

    A small form-factor pluggable – better known as a SFP – is a very expensive but necessary device. The vendors have eye-watering prices for their SFPs, which can make it awkward for your business to buy them. But if you need them, what can you do?

    Whilst Read More

  • The Facts: Gigabit Ethernet

    Gigabit Ethernet is part of the widely recognised Ethernet family, supporting computer networking and communication standards. As a transmission technology based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks (LANs), provides a data Read More

  • 5 Ways To Secure IT Infrastructures

    With business networks continually communicating with outside sources and feeding the IT infrastructure for remote working, networks are no longer considered as secure as they once were. Cyber-attacks and ransomware are terms that most people dread, whether Read More

  • Everything you’ve wanted to know about the XFP

    XFP is a 10 Gigabit small form factor pluggable standard for transceivers for high-speed computer network and telecommunication links that use optical fibre. Although still a small form factor device, it is slightly larger in physical size than SFP, in addition Read More

  • Cloud adoption falling behind predictions

    It’s now over 10 years since cloud computing became the talk of the digital world. Cloud computing services have become an indispensable part of how businesses operate, no matter what their size or scale they operate at. Many companies rely on cloud computing Read More

  • The Facts behind XENPAK modules

    XENPAK is an optical modular transceiver, providing high speed data transfer up to 10G via an ethernet application. XENPAK transceiver are easy to use, with one transceiver taking a 10G Ethernet optical ports function. It is the original first generation 10G Read More

  • Single Mode Cabling v Multimode Cabling

    With data throughput demands constantly increasing, and loss budgets continually dropping, it's important to understand the standards when designing data centre cabling infrastructures. As you are well aware, electricity and electrical components are fully ingrained Read More

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