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2 Simple Steps to IT Security

Many businesses never consider the risk hacking could play on your company, but in a time where everything is driven by technology it is critical that the infrastructure of any business is secure and supported by backups.

IT Security 1

A hack could seriously damage the reputation of your business and impact on the day to day running of your business. It is important to put as many pieces of infrastructure in place to prevent the worst from happening, however there’s two key factors to focus on when protecting your business from hackers.

Secure your business in layers
It is important to layer security to ensure that it provides the level of safety your business needs. Layering security isn’t a new technique, it’s been round for a long time but more and more it is being implemented.

It’s important to select the correct layers of security to ensure that there’s no gaps for hackers to access your infrastructure. Think of defence in depth as being risk mitigation constructs applying multiple layers of control across the length and breadth of your IT environment, and you will pretty much be on the money.

No matter how much security and preparation you put into your business, you cannot guarantee a security breach will not occur, but this will slow down the hackers and help protect your organisation against the possibility of attacks.

Hackers frequently rely on people and businesses running outdated software with known weaknesses, which can be exploited to get onto your system. It can significantly decrease the potential for attacks if you make a practice of updating your software often. Enable automatic updates if you can, or go directly to the software vendor’s website, as malware authors like to disguise their creations as software update notifications too.

Back up everything
You’ve heard it time and time before, but the importance of backups are huge. If your businesses is attacked risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for if no backup are in place.

A successful backup can restore your system to an earlier snapshot or clean up your machine and restore your other lost documents from backup, you can rest easy. A regular backup regime, to an external drive or backup service can be a saving grace.

Your customers want to be sure they are working with businesses that are secure and won’t put any threat to their own business. Make sure your organisation is prepared for any potential cyber hack. If you back everything up on a regular basis, even if you lose data to attackers you will have everything you need to get yourself back on track.