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Why do businesses need compatible SFP's?

A small form-factor pluggable – better known as a SFP – is a very expensive but necessary device. The vendors have eye-watering prices for their SFPs, which can make it awkward for your business to buy them. But if you need them, what can you do?

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Whilst you want to ensure you get a quality SFP, hence why you buy from a vendor, what if there was a cheaper method for you to have the same quality product for a significantly cheaper price? Well, there is a way that you can have essentially the same product for a fraction of the marked-up price of vendors.

With a compatible SFP your business gets the product that you would get from a vendor. All that is missing is the branding plastered over the device. So, why should you begin to use compatible SFPs?

Branding isn’t important

Consider this: how much do you actually think about the branding of the SFP? After all, if the device works then there’s no reason why you’d be looking at the hardware.

There is no point spending hundreds if not thousands more to have a product with branding on it. In fact, as long as the SFP does the job that you need and want it to do, it doesn’t matter if it has a logo on it or not.

Whilst going with the branded product would usually be seen as the better option, do you really want to waste all your money when you can have the same performance for cheaper?

Saving money is key

Whilst you are aware that there is basically no difference between compatible SFPs and branded SFPs, we are going to explore why you should choose unbranded.

One of the biggest reasons that you should choose a compatible SFP is that, for the same product, it’s so much cheaper to buy compatible; research shows that in some cases, it’s 200 – 1000% cheaper to invest in compatibles over branded.

When the quality is guaranteed, it’s shocking that you can get the same product for so much cheaper.

Cost-effectiveness is crucial for all businesses

Despite the only difference between the two different SFPs being the branding and the price, it is surprising that some people still will not purchase the compatible instead of the device the vendor offers.

With the vendor prices forever on the rise, there’s no reason why you should pay significantly more than you have to. Consider your budget; make the choice to go for the cheaper, cost-efficient and higher quality product as opposed to the rip-off branded SFP.

Are there any disadvantages to compatible SFPs?

On most occasions, when something seems to good to be true it usually is. It’s one of the rare cases where it’s true with compatible SFPs: there are no negatives to them if you were going to purchase branded SFPs anyway.

There is no justification for the hike in price between the two, it is simply the greed of the vendors pushing up the price. There is no difference in the performance or lifespan of the two devices so you’re ensuring yourself quality when purchasing a compatible SFP.