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Can You Compare Compatible to Branded?

We all know about the razor blades business model: take something that’s essential to make other components work and give it a significant mark-up in price and it will still sell as everybody with the matching equipment needs it.

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This business model is conspicuous when it comes to your networking hardware and the crucial hot-swappable SFP transceivers. Without these transceivers, your network system won’t operate. A result of this is your business investing huge amounts of money in purchasing branded SFPs from big businesses. Fortunately, there’s now a way for you and your business to avoid wasting so much money: compatible SFPs.

So why are compatible SFPs worth a second look?

One: The price

Ok, so it seems bizarre that we mentioned the razor blades business model but it’s surprisingly noticeable how shocking the increase in price is here. For example, the mark-up can be anything from 200% to 1000%, meaning you’re going to spend an absolute fortune if you have to purchase multiple branded SFPs.

With compatible SFPs the decrease in price is substantial, and therefore very important for your business.

Why spend so much on a branded device when a device without branding does exactly the same thing?

Two: Same factories, same product

Would you be shocked if we told you that compatible SFPs and branded SFPs are the same under all that branding? If you would, prepare to be stunned!

There are only so-many factories worldwide that create SFPs, so all of the SFPs come from the same place, made by the same skilled workforce with the only difference being the branding.

Whether you’re buying your transceivers from Juniper, Cisco or somebody buying compatibles, it’s almost certain that they came from the same place – with absolutely no difference in quality.

Three: Lifetime warranty

If you are still worried about the quality of the compatible SFPs don’t be, as we offer a lifetime warranty on all products, meaning yours would be replaced if anything ever went wrong.

If the compatible SFPs on offer weren’t up to par then alternatively branded SFPs wouldn’t have the confidence to supply a lifetime warranty.

Are there any disadvantages to compatible SFPs?

So, we have explored all of the reasons why compatibles are brilliant, it’s time to discover the disadvantages… if there were any disadvantages.

When compared to the branded hot-swappable SFPs, there’s no disadvantage to choosing compatibles. Not only are compatibles cheaper, but they’re also exactly the same product as branded versions.

So in summary.

There are lots of reasons that compatible SFPs are the best option for your business, and we’ve highlighted just a couple of those reasons already. Here’s a recap of what we have covered:

  • Compatibles are cheaper: There is little point going to the expense of purchasing branded SFPs as compatibles are by far the cheaper option: in some cases, they can be up to 1000% cheaper.
  • They’re both the same product: Although you might feel like you should be getting more for your money with the branded version, you’re certainly not: they’re made in the same factories.
  • There’s a lifetime guarantee: Even if the device failed, the guarantee ensures that you can get another completely free.