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Cloud adoption falling behind predictions

It’s now over 10 years since cloud computing became the talk of the digital world. Cloud computing services have become an indispensable part of how businesses operate, no matter what their size or scale they operate at. Many companies rely on cloud computing to fulfill a variety of IT-related needs without having to make the high up-front capital expenditure typically associated with traditional in-house IT services. So, 10 years later where are we at with cloud computing?

Cloud Computing

Businesses approach to cloud services

For many larger businesses cloud services are a fundamental part of the 21st century organisation. It allows for business flexibility, with staff able to access information whenever they need to and develop a dynamic system that powers their products, interacts with their customers, and manages risk for their business.

For established businesses transferring to a new cloud-based solution is not the easiest of processes, but with a professional team or IT department to handle the process, staff should see no change in how the businesses operates.

Cloud services are inevitable to many businesses around the world, and those companies not already well on the way to developing a cloud-based solution will soon find themselves at a disadvantage.

Why some businesses are holding off on cloud hosting

Many businesses are still not convinced that the cloud is secure. Security was one of the biggest question marks surrounding the cloud in its early days, and it still seems to be preventing some organisations from taking the leap. Hearing about occasional cloud security breaches in the news certainly doesn’t help these risk-averse companies make the move.

Many companies believe that it would require too many organisational changes internally. Cloud solutions split apart everything we typically perceive about IT structure and almost appears as a bull in a china shop to many businesses. Suddenly moving to a new storage and computing structure would fundamentally change how the IT department is structured and run. Although these companies likely see cloud as inevitable, they’re holding off for as long as possible. Many companies see it as too big of a learning curve that they’re not ready to face just yet.

Cloud computing is changing the way companies do business, however not quite as quickly as many industry experts would have predicted 5 years ago. Many businesses are aware of the importance of cloud computing and the benefits it can bring to the business, but without the correct support in place to do so, they see no reason but to carry on as normal. Over the next few years it is predicted to really pick up significance both to businesses and for home users as leading organisations move to a purely cloud service solution.

Cloud computing has been a hot topic for several years and will carry on changing the traditional methods we know, until everyone is using a cloud based solution.