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A Guide To Our Avaya And Brocade Compatible Products

A Guide To Our Avaya And Brocade Compatible ProductsWe specialise in providing and supplying businesses with small form factor pluggable products, or SFPs, that are a compatible for use with branded hardware and components. Our products have become highly popular in recent years as they enable companies and businesses to take advantage of the performance and efficiency benefits provided by SFPs without having to fork out for the often substantial cost of their branded counterparts.

We wish to assure our customers that this difference in price certainly does not equate to an inferior product in terms of quality or performance. There are two ways in which we can guarantee the quality of our SFP products. The first is that all of our compatible SFPs are equipped with a lifetime warranty that covers against component failure or manufacturer defects. The second is that we source all of our compatible SFPs from the same international laboratories and ISO 9001/ 14001 manufacturing facilities as are used by the globally leading manufacturers.

We code our SFPs so that they are compatible for use in conjunction with hardware, components and cabling produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers. Two of our most popular product offerings are our Avaya compatible SFPs and our Brocade compatible SFPs. Due to this popularity we thought we would take a closer look at these:

Brocade Compatible Products:

Our range of Brocade compatible products contains both SFP and SFP+ transceivers of varying data transfer rates, transmitter wavelengths and maximum transfer legnths. This selection has been provided specifically to ensure that we can equip our customers with the optimum transceiver for their specific network and hardware requirements. The Brocade compatible SFP+ transceivers we stock are catered for both 10G Fibre Channel and 10G Ethernet connection types.

Avaya Compatible Products:

Contained within our range of dedicated Avaya compatible SFP products are a number of SFPs and Direct Attach Cables. In terms of the compatible SFPs we provide, each facilitates a maximum data rate transfer of 1.25Gb/s. We offer SFP products that utilise both RJ-45 and Single LC connector types, enabling for the selection of the optimum model for your requirements.

In terms of our Avaya Compatible Direct Attach Cables, we stock three distinct length variations, 10 metres, 5 metres and 3 metres, respectively. In addition, each of the Avaya compatible Direct Attach Cables is SFP+ conversant and can multi-rate up to 10GB/s.

For further information about the selection of Avaya and Brocade compatible SFP products available, or to enquire about specification options, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01925 530 115