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What To Look For In Dell Compatible SFP Products

DellA frequent question we hear from our customers is what is the difference between the Dell compatible SFPs we provide and those manufactured by Dell? Suspicion seems to immediately arise due to the often substantial difference in pricing, the fact that Dell compatible SFPs are much cheaper can make customers, wrongly, suspect that they are either defective or inferior and often both.

However this simply is not the case, arguably the only difference is often the branding on the SFP itself. This is because, perversely as it may seem, the majority of third party SFP products which are currently available are actually built and assembled at the same plants as their first party counterparts.

But, having said that, there are unfortunately a number of compatible SFP products available on the market which are of poor quality and should therefore be avoided. However this is easier said than done, in order to avoid this occurrence we have provided a number of factors which should be considered when purchasing Dell compatible SFP products.

  1. Low Failure Rates: When considering purchasing Dell compatible SFPs from a vendor be sure to enquire about the failure rate of their products. If answered correctly, you will be provided with a percentage number, good quality compatible SFPs will have a failure rate which is less than 1%, if you are provided with a number above this then you should avoid this vendor!
  2. A Lifetime Warranty: An SFP is ultimately a relatively basic piece of equipment and when properly produced should provide years of service. Due to this, a reputable vendor of good quality Dell compatible SFPs will be willing to demonstrate the quality of their wares by providing a warranty, which includes replacements.
  3. Proper Customer Service: The biggest problem with SFPs, whether 1st party originals or 3rd party compatibles, is to select one which correctly meets your needs. Due to this a number of manufacturers provide a “compatibility matrix” in able to effectively explain which transceivers are compatible with which hardware. Therefore it is important to ensure that the vendor which you select is qualified to provide accurate advice ensuring you walk away with the optimum Dell compatible SFP for your specific requirements.

For further information about areas of consideration when purchasing Dell compatible SFPs, or for details about our extensive product range, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 08442 160 160.