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Why Use Machine To Machine Communications For Your Business?

Why Use Machine to Machine Communications for your BusinessWhat Is Machine To Machine (M2M) Communication?

The concept of Machine to Machine is not new, it is surprisingly old. The technology was first utilised during the Second World War in aircraft to help them to identify friend from foe and to avoid friendly fire. From these begins M2M is now widely employed from applications as diverse as ensuring satellite engines maintain the correct path to automatic engines.

When it comes to the application of Machine to Machine in industry this communication method is now widely utilised. This popularity can be attributed M2M’s ability to connect virtually everything, especially due to developments in both antenna and battery technology enabling the effortless communication via wireless to any geographic location in the world.

Factors To Consider When Thinking About M2M For Your Business:

  • What: First factor is what do you hope to offer your customers through M2M? Answering this question will provide insights into how the more efficient utilisation of technology will help you not only to meet your customer’s needs but also to perform better as a business.
  • Why: M2M communications, as mentioned above, provides an excellent means of making existing processes more efficient. Utilising M2M communications offers your business a new means of growth into new areas, defining a new era for your business. Utilising M2M can streamline existing processes and systems improving the strength of your offering. Before implementing M2M however, consider why you want to use this communication method.
  • When: Consider when you aim to implement M2M into your business. Factors which may limit this is the unavailability of required technology. The cost of this communication technology will over the next few years continue to fall, so if it is currently not economically viable to utilise it, it will be in a couple of years.
  • Where: Wireless coverage is available almost everywhere nationally and throughout much of the globe these days. Although pockets of service gaps do exist in every the areas which offer the best coverage. Before committing to the system it is important to identify where you aim to deploy the network. Then field test the devices in a live environment and negotiate a local service agreement which ensures constant connectivity for the most critical devices.
  • Who: Consider who will benefit from the implementation of M2M, primarily it will be both your business and employees. However it will also benefit your customers, to be successful though you must identify what changes will arise and if any training will be required.