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The Next 12 Months of Dominating Tech

Despite the mass of amazing technology that we already have easily available to us, there’s mind-blowing technological advancements all of the time. In the space of a year, we’ve integrated so much new technology into our lives that it’s hard to believe.

There’s plenty more advancements to expect in 2018 too, and here’s what we expect will dominate the year in terms of progression and incorporation into our lives.

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Augmented Reality

In the last couple of years, virtual reality has kicked on and become a headline-grabber, with improvements coming on a regular basis. Slowly rising in the shadow of virtual reality is the biggest, perhaps most important, innovation of the two: augmented reality.

With virtual reality, users are taken to places, environments and worlds that they’ve never seen. This creates thrilling situations that you can enjoy in a moment’s notice. On the other hand, augmented reality does what it says on the tin: it augments, or modifies, reality. Instead of taking you to things that you’ve never seen before, it alters what you can see at the moment. Although this sounds boring compared to the alternative, it has many uses; you can go shopping from the comfort of your home, see how a certain colour of paint would suit your walls, or… play Pokémon Go.

Works With SFPs

The little-known alternative to branded SFPs, are SFPs which work with branded networking hardware which are the ideal option for a business looking to save funds.

Whilst buying branded SFPs has been the main selection for businesses for a long time, businesses are slowly finding out that it’s actually not the best option for their business; whereas brands producing alternative SFPs which work with in-house hardware are mainly the best option due to the fact that they’re significantly more affordable than the branded modules.

It has also cited that there’s no difference in the quality of the varying brands of modules, no matter what the price tags may suggest; alternative SFPs are made in the same factory as the branded SFPs despite the cost difference.

In 2018, with so many businesses trying to save money, we can foresee the works with SFP market growing strongly and successfully competing with the dearer branded options.

Autonomous Vehicles

Whilst autonomous vehicles have been around for years in some form, with new features and abilities, they’re moving further into the limelight; it’s predicted that self-driving cars will be the most-owned car in the not-too-distant future.

So, why are autonomous vehicles going to make such a big impact in 2018?

Well, the technology needed for self-driving cars is going to keep getting cheaper, which means that it’s quickly going to become more affordable; it’s presumed that self-driving cars will be at a price that means everybody can afford them in the next 10 years, so the upper echelons of society will be able to invest in theirs this year.

In America, self-driving cars are already on the road. In fact, at CES 2018, people got to trial a self-driving car, and the feedback was almost exclusively praise for the vehicle.