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Our Procurve Compatible SFPs Compared With Their Branded Counterparts

All too often people are put off Procurve Compatible SFP products due to the huge difference in price when compared with their branded counterparts. People often suspect that this massive price difference means that the unbranded compatible models are inferior to those which are branded. Although there do exist dubious companies who knowingly sell inferior knockoff third party compatible SFPs, the majority of those available provide the same level of performance as their branded counterparts. In some cases third party Procurve Compatible SFPs actually outperform their branded counterparts.


It seems unbelievable that for such a huge price difference there is no real difference between branded Procurve SFPs and third party compatibles. There is one difference; customers who purchase Procurve branded small-form factor pluggables gain access to the Procurve support team. If a unit proves troublesome a customer is able to contact the Procurve support team and gain technical assistance.

This seems to be a lot of money to pay for access to post purchase support, especially if the error is not actually with the SFP. This is because in most cases errors or problems are not actually attributed to the SFP itself but with port configuration. Reputable compatible SFP providers often provide technical support included with the purchase of their products, for a fraction of the price. Why pay more for the same service?


When so much relies on your network’s performance for your business why put all your eggs in one basket? You may not realise it, but this is exactly what you are doing when you purchase from a single brand. Utilising third party providers of compatible SFP products decreases the likelihood of long waiting periods for products to become available, resulting in less downtime and meaning that you can get your new network up and running as quickly as possible.

Due to the fact that we operate using “Just In Time”, all of the products included within our range of Procurve compatible SFPs are always available. Meaning you only have to wait for the time it takes for your purchase to be delivered.

For further information about the Procurve compatible SFP products we stock click here. Alternatively, for a more comprehensive overview of any of any of the products contained within our product range, or for information about compatibility, one of our customer service agents can be contacted by calling 08442 160 160. Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.