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How to predict and prevent cyber-attacks

Cyber security is becoming more important every day and is something that every business needs to protect themselves online. The internet and online can be a fantastic tool for businesses to share promotion, connect with their audience or even handle the day to day running of your business; however, it is also important to be aware of the risks it can bring.

With thousands of attacks on UK businesses every day, it is important to know how to prevent and predict possible cyber-attacks. Although the threats sound scary, there are thing your business can do to help prevent events like this from happening.

Consult with an expert

When creating and maintaining complex cyber security systems for companies, it is challenging to make sound security decisions that will keep the companies safe from future attackers. Therefore, make sure you discuss everything with a security expert.

A security expert may have an initial upfront cost that you don’t enjoy, however, the cost of losing everything is significantly more. After all, prevention is better than the cure. Security experts can test how susceptible your business is to an attack highlight and resolve flaws in your system. Assessing your business cyber downfalls is an excellent way to predict how your business may be attacked and work on a prevention.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Chances are you hear of various cyber intrusions and disclosures of private data every day. Plus, there’s even been major attacks on the NHS and other major high profile organisations. However, if you take a cue from those who have had to learn the hard way, you can make more informed decisions regarding similar cyber hacking issues.

It’s important to keep up to date with hacks happening so you can keep your business systems on alert rather than leaving your infrastructure open to vulnerability.

Don’t patch it up

Adding firewalls and filters to an already broken platform is basically the same as attaching a sticker over a gaping hole. Eventually, cyber criminals will locate the crack and attack. You need to discover where the major problems are, and then have a professional fix the issue. This is the only way that you can ensure that your system is going to remain safe.

Go to the clouds

Many businesses save both time and money by using cloud services for handling their data storage. Cloud storage systems almost always have strong and thorough security procedures in place in the event of a cyber-attack, making it one of the most secure places for storing important information.  Placing important business data under the protection of external sources who are at the cutting edge of cyber-crime prevention could be the key to securing your business securely.

The fact is that cyber criminals are becoming increasingly advanced with each passing day. They are finding new ways to steal sensitive data that can cost businesses upwards of millions of pounds. Taking the time to learn about the latest issues present and the risks that may affect your company, you become better prepared to protect your organisation and intellectual property. Or if you don’t know how to do it, make sure your business has someone that can. Cyber security is all about prediction and prevention.

To help protect your data we recommend speaking with who are able to advise on the new Government accredited assurance framework known as Cyber Essentials, created to mitigate the risk of security threats.