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The Truth About “Future Proof”

The Truth About Future ProofFuture proof is an incredibly ambiguous phrase. Due to this ambiguity many are left confused as to what it actually means, or worse, see the status “Future Proof” as an assurance of both the longevity and quality of a specific product or hardware component. But due to the nature of technology the promise of future proof components, software and hardware, appealing as it may be, is simply false.

This is because technology is developing and advancing at an ever faster rate, as a result of this what is future proof today may well be obsolete within just a few years. This can be especially frustrating when looking at the cost of acquisition of future proof technologies. Do not fear! We offer an alternative that will not only benefit your bottom line, but will also provide you with operational peace of mind.

Our alternative comes in form of wisely investing in cost effective products. Purchasing these products enables you to take advantage of the functional benefits, whether it is increased levels of system efficiency or heightened reliability throughout your network, provided by the current future proof technologies but without the large financial expenditure. In addition, purchasing this technology at a fraction of the price strengthens the financial position of your company, enabling for the saved funds to be reallocated to future investments. This approach offers flexibility, enabling for your company and its network infrastructure to adapt and develop in line with technological trends and shifts.

However, diligence is required, all that glitters is, after all, not gold. Some of the cost effective alternatives currently available are in fact inferior products and offer high failure rates and ongoing frustration. One way in which you can be sure that you are purchasing a reliable, cost effective alternative is by ensuring that the product is equipped with a lifetime warranty. The benefits provided by this are twofold, firstly this warranty ensures that the component can be relied upon to deliver high levels of performance and reliability for as long as is required. The second benefit is that should the component you purchase prove to be truly future proof then you can rely on it to provide continued and ongoing coverage.

Compatible SFP specialise in the provision of dedicated, compatible small form-factor pluggable products. All of our items are covered with a lifetime warranty and provide the same high levels of performance and reliability as their branded counterparts, but can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

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