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The Truth About Cisco Compatible X2 Transceivers

Money Savings Cisco Compatible SFPThere is much pressure these days on CTO’s, CIO’s, purchasing clerks and other professionals when it comes to purchasing X2 transceivers. The pressure is primarily financial, finding the balance between low prices and optimum performance and efficiency. Increasingly, businesses are purchasing more Juniper and Cisco fibre optics than previously, which has resulted in a number of businesses looking for cost effective alternatives which reduce the overheads of their operations.

The pressure is exacerbated by the huge difference in price between branded Cisco transceivers and their third party counterparts. This discrepancy raises a number of questions. The main questions tend to be about why the discrepancy exists and if the discrepancy means that the third party alternatives are of interior quality. Ultimately these questions leave professional individuals wondering whether they can expect the same high levels of performance and efficiency from third party X2 transceivers whilst taking advantage of large financial savings.

In order to answer these concerns a background into the third party X2 and fibre optic transceiver industry as a whole should be explained. Over the last decade the UK has suffered from a financial depression. This depression has resulted in shrinking business budgets for fibre optic transceivers whilst their demand has remained the same or in many cases increased.

This increase in demand has driven the decision makers of these businesses to explore more cost effective alternatives. As a result distributers of third party compatible transceivers became increasingly popular. However, due largely to the price discrepancy, much concern still exists able whether third party transceivers are as reliable and effective and their branded counterparts.

The short answer to this question is yes. It may surprise you to learn that leading brands, such as Cisco do not actually manufacture their transceivers themselves. In fact the majority of leading brands make use of a handful of contractors to supply their products. Whilst there are some third party suppliers of transceivers who sell unreliable and inferior products, the overwhelming majority make use of these same contractors.

This means that for the most part third party compatible X2 and fibre optic transceivers are actually manufactured in the same laboratories and factories as their branded counterparts. Meaning to all extents and purposes they are the same in terms of the reliability, efficiency and performance which they provide. Where the difference arises is in the level of mark-up which third party providers put on their products, compared with globally leading brands.

So the truth about Cisco branded X2 transceivers is that they are to all extents and purposes the same as their compatible third party counterparts!