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Will My Systems Suffer If I Use Non-Branded Components?

Will My Systems Suffer If I Use Non-Branded ComponentsUpgrading your system needn’t cost your business a small fortune. Non-branded components provide businesses with a cost effective means of upgrading their systems whilst also saving money. Businesses who adopt this strategy are then able to reinvest the money they have saved into other areas.

However, there is some concern that utilising non-branded components, with branded counterparts will cause a system to be inefficient or unreliable. This is especially true when it comes to the use of smaller non-branded components, such as SFPs, with larger branded hardware.

Utilising non-branded components is like anything else, there is bad and there is good. The key is to distinguish the difference. As failure to do so can not only have financial consequences due to the wasted capital spent “investing” in the obsolete hardware, but also can have negative consequences for your business and its operational ability. In order to help you avoid the disappointment and frustration of purchasing inferior non-branded components we have collected a number of characteristics of good third party providers beneath:

Lifetime Warranty: These are, perhaps unsurprisingly, rare on non-branded components, such as compatible SFPs products, and are the sign of a supplier of good quality, reliable third party components. Why? Because if a company is willing to provide a lifetime warranty on their components it shows that they are willing to demonstrate its quality. In this day and age all reputable products come with a warranty, no matter how limited, and non-branded hardware and systems components are no exception!

Enquire about failure rate: Do not be tricked by the low prices into buying non-branded components, make sure to ask important questions. One of these should be the level of failure of the component in question. Many disreputable vendors will answer this with words, like “never” or “hardly ever”. A reputable vendor on the other hand will provide you with a numerical percentage, this is because their components have been tested and the failure rate worked out as part of a scientific process of experimentation. The best components will have a failure rate of less than 1%.

Compatible SFP are a vendor of third party compatible SFP products and SFP cabling solutions.  Over our years of operation we have worked hard to build a reputation for providing exceptional non-branded components to provide high levels of performance in networks and connections.

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