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Procurve J4858C


It is our aim to provide the optimum compatible SFP transceiver to meet all requirements. In order to fulfil this aim we have created an extensive range of SFPs which are compatible for use with ProCurve branded hardware and components. Included within our range of ProCurve compatible SFPs are models which have been designed to meet all requirements, this includes our ProCurve compatible J4858C.

The ProCurve compatible J4858C transceiver is an SFP, or small form factor pluggable. This type of transceiver is exceedingly popular due to a number of reasons. Perhaps chief of these is the fact that this transceiver type is compatible with a wide range of industry standard cages and cabling. Another factor which can be attributed to the popularity of SFPs, including our ProCurve J4885C transceiver, is the fact that they are hot-swappable. This means that these transceivers can be easily and quickly switched between a range of applications, providing improved performance and reliability when and where required.

Our range of ProCurve compatible SFPs, including the ProCurve J4858C transceiver, are gaining increased popularity, especially compared with their branded counterparts. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that our ProCurve compatible J4858C transceivers provide the same high levels of performance and reliability as their branded counterparts but can be purchased for a fraction of the price. To demonstrate our ProCurve compatible J4858C transceiver provides savings of 87% when compared with the recommended purchase price of its branded counterpart.

As previously mentioned, our ProCurve compatible J4858C transceivers offer the same levels of performance and reliability as their branded counterparts. This is ensured by sourcing all of our product range from the same international laboratories and ISO 9001 / 14001 manufacturing facilities as are utilised by the globally leading brands. We utilise these facilities not just because they are used by these brands but also because of the continuous testing and monitoring which is utilised guarantying performance. For further information click here.

We pride ourselves of on the dispatch speed of all our orders. We utilise a professional courier service which ensures that all orders are delivered the next day.

For further information about our ProCurve compatible J4858C transceivers, or to enquire about compatibility options or model specifications, a member of our highly experienced customer service team is on hand. Our team can be contacted by calling: +44(0)1925 530 115.

Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.